👋 Hello, I'm Jason!

New York, NY

I’m a software engineer with experience in the JavaScript, Ruby and AWS ecosystems. Most recently, I built Canopy, an open-source real-time monitoring framework, specifically designed for CDNs.

Canopy consists of an admin dashboard (Node.js, React, TypeScript ), as well as an end-to-end logging pipeline (CloudFront, Kinesis Data Streams, Lambda, SQS, S3, EC2, ClickHouse, Grafana) automatically provisioned on AWS (CDK, SDK).

Canopy automates the deployment of an end-to-end pipeline for streaming Amazon CloudFront CDN logs to a ClickHouse database and visualizing metrics on real-time dashboards in Grafana.

Canopy provides an easy-to-use CLI that abstracts and automates away dozens of AWS API calls in setting up a streaming pipeline, as well as a convenient Admin Dashboard for monitoring pipeline status and configuring alerts.

Other Projects

Request Warehouse

A real-time tool for debugging and testing webhooks.

Node.js, Express, React, MaterialUI, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, WebSockets

Done & Done

An interactive to-do list manager.

Node.js, Express, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

My Cookbook

A personal recipe keeper organized by cuisine.

Ruby, Sinatra, ERB, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS

Let's Connect!

I am looking for my next opportunity! Please get in touch if you think I'd be a good fit for your team.